Which heat pump should you choose?


Image result for heatpumpTo be able to install a heat pump and also benefit totally from it, a variety of problems have to be satisfied. Your house needs to be sufficiently well shielded (preferably an easy residence, or one whose insulation value is lower than K40 ). A heat pump just works appropriately at reduced temperatures, so certain radiators are required.

Ground/water heat pump: this is one more geothermal remedy which likewise includes drilling a well, but the pump recuperates warmth from the ground to heat up a water circuit. The significant negative aspect is that you require an area at the very least twice that of your house. Virtually impossible in towns and cities.

Different sorts of heat pumps:

Water/water heat pump: the pump recoups heat from below the groundwater. A well is drilled. The depth relies on the composition of the dirt. The water is pumped by an electric motor. This solution is not extremely practicable in the areas as well as cities unless you have a yard. The financial investment price is relatively high, however, the return is outstanding.

Air/air heat pump: the outdoors air is accumulated similarly, however in this instance it is blown right into the home. This system has the same negative aspects as the air pump for the water circuit, given that the Belgian climate restricts the performance of the system. The investment is fairly little, and also the system is very easy to mount. This type of pump needs to be made use of with air heating as well as does not work with flooring heating or radiators.

Air/water heat pumps: the pump captures the outdoor air and heats it to feed the water circuit which could be made use of for flooring heating or domestic water. Given the Belgian climate, this system is not as efficient as geothermal pumps. Nonetheless, it is very easy to set up, also in towns and cities, as well as is not very pricey.

The principle behind the heat pump (link in French) is simple: it attracts calories from the surrounding atmosphere (water, air, ground) as well as eliminates them in the form of warm right into the heating system to which it is attached. Different types of pumps will be utilized relying on the source of warmth utilized and also what you want to warm (water or air).

There are a number of kinds of a heat pump. They are made use of either to heat water or to warm air, or both (combined heat pumps). You can also check out Buckinghamshire heat pump installers

Heat pumps that attract their power from the outside air are referred to as aerothermal heat pumps. As their performance differs substantially, this type of pump is commonly used for backup home heating.

Combined systems

Some heat pump could supply power for both home heating as well as water. However, they are much less efficient and a boiler has to be included (conventional or solar). There is also a heat pump with an air-conditioning feature for the summer:

The “natural air conditioning” function: this sort of pump, which is adapted to water/water and ground/water systems, utilizes the distinction in temperature between the ground and the air to cool your residence by a couple of levels (between 2 ° C and 4 ° C).

Relatively easy to fix heat pump: this air removal pump works like a heater in winter months as well as an air-conditioning device in summer. You simply have to turn around the device depending on the season. The drawback is that it will certainly cost you as much to cool a space as to warm it. So you will certainly make use of power in both winter and summertime.

Heat pump consumption

It is hard to estimate the annual ordinary consumption of a heat pump. Nevertheless, this system varies from the standard heater in that it makes use of little power, which is a significant benefit.

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